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Gávnnadeapmi 2 is upon us!

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Young reindeer herders are gathering for Gávnnadeapmi 2 in Aanaar (Inari), Finnish side of Sápmi, on the 17th to 19th of September. Register quickly, the deadline is on August 14th! Register with your country’s responsible youth organisation. Sweden:, in Norway to the leader of NBR youth board:, in Finland: Participants should be from 18 to […]

Right now: Petition to the Finnish Parliament with regard to the Saami Parliament Act


The Constitutional Law Committee is presently reviewing a proposal to amend the Saami Parliament Act, as well as the ratification of ILO 169. A decision is expected some time next week, and it will have a lot of influence on what kind of a proposal the Parliament is going to be deciding on. We already sent […]


Friday, 10 May Travelling day from Finland to New York   Sunday, 11 May 9 a.m.-6 p.m. GIYC Preparatory Meeting for the 13th session of the UNPFII @Taipei Cultural and Economic Office in New York   FIRST WEEK   Monday, 12 May 8.30 a.m.-11 a.m. GIYC meeting @North Lawn Building, 2nd floor 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Opening of the session @Temporary […]

Rákkasorda Declaration

Approved by the Rájehis youth conference, a gathering of the four Sámi youth organizations Sáminuorra, Noereh!, Suoma Sámi Nuorat and Sámi Nurash in Rákkasorda, Sweden on May 25th-27th, 2012. The Rájehis youth conference reminds Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia (hereby addressed to as “the States”) that we, the Sámi people, are the owners of the […]

TAJ speech in our side event

First of all, I would like to recognize the Youth Council of Finnish Sámi Parliament, The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Permanent Mission of Finland to the United Nations for a good co-operation to make this side event possible. I would also like to show special thanks to minister Stefan Wallin, ambassador Jarmo […]