Gávnnadeapmi 2 is upon us!

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Young reindeer herders are gathering for Gávnnadeapmi 2 in Aanaar (Inari), Finnish side of Sápmi, on the 17th to 19th of September. Register quickly, the deadline is on August 14th! Register with your country’s responsible youth organisation. Sweden:, in Norway to the leader of NBR youth board:, in Finland:

Participants should be from 18 to 30 years old. Travel, acommodation and food costs will be covered. We are expecting approximately 60 participants. Places are limited, so register as quickly as possible!

Gávnnadeapmi 2 is a conference for young reindeer herders in Barents region. The conference will work for empowering youth and will be a meeting place for indigenous youth to discuss current situation essays-buy and how to prepare for the future. Topics of the conference are climate change, exploitations, indigenous peoples’ rights, and how to make a difference.

On the first day participants will tell about the current situation of reindeer herding in their areas and hear the situation in other places. Later on we will get to hear examples of how exploitations and changes have been delt with in the past. On second day experts lecture on possible upcoming changes for reindeer herding and later on participants will have workshops under this topic. On third day we will look towards future and discuss what kind of possibilities we have to influence in society and how to prepare for the future.

Gávnnadeapmi 2015 is a collaboration of saami youth organisations of Finland, Sweden and Norway: Suoma Sámi Nuorat (SSN), Sáminuorra and Norway’s reindeer herders association’s youth board (Norgga Boazosámiid Riikkasearvvi nuoraidlávdegoddi). Conferene is supported by The International Centre for Reindeer husbandry (ICR).

The main languages of the conference will be Saami, Norwegian/Swedish and Russian. Interperation will be provided between these languages. Some lectures will be in english as well.

One of the aims of this conference is to provide information for Arctic Council’s Adaptiation Action for a Changing Arctic (AACA) rapport. For more information on AACA see website:

Gávnnadeapmi 2015 is funded by NORDBUK, the Swedish Saami Parliament, the Finnish Saami Parliament, the Saami Council and the Finnish depapartment of education and culture.

For more information please contact:

Project manager (Finnish Saami Youth)
Áslat Holmberg: +358408274955,

Coordinator on Swedish side
Sanne-Ristin Bengtsson: 0730344478,

Coordinator on Norwegian side
Juhan Danel Gaup: +4794185194,

Gávnnadeapmi 2 is on Facebook:

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