Information of organization

Sámi youth of Finland (Suoma Sámi Nuorat) is organization for Sámi youth and it is established in 1991 in Utsjoki.

Suoma Sámi Nuorat works for strengthening the identity of Sámi youth and their knowledge about their culture. The aim is to improve the contacts between the indigenous Sámi youth in Finland and in other countries, to empower Sámi yout and increase the use of own Sámi language and to promote Sámi culture. Main functions are meetings, training courses, project work and political lobbying in matters concerning the Sámi Youth. Operational area of organization is whole Finland and main focus group is Finnish Sámi youth.

Organization has members approximately 130. SSN offers chance to it’s members to take part in different events such as floorball Sámi championships, versatile seminars of indigenous people and year meeting of organization. SSN informs about it’s operations in it’s homesite, blog and Facebook –site. Organization gets it’s funding from member payments, general society grants and different project fundings.

Highest authority of organization uses it’s board of directors. Speechperson, vice speechperson, secretary, two members of the board and vice members of the board (5) are choosed in annual year meeting. Every member who has paid member payment has voting right. Operations of organization are open and every member have chance to take part in operations and have right to be a candidate to board of directors in person election of annual year meeting.