The Board

The Board and Decision-making

In Finnish Sámi Youth Organization, the annual general meeting has the decision about the most important issues. It deals with the regular issues as annual reports and a new plan of action for the coming year. The annual general meeting discharges the organization from liability for the accounts and elects the board. Every member who has paid their dues has the voting and speaking right in annual meetings. The organization has also supporter members, who have speaking right in annual meeting.

Between the annual meetings, the board leads and administrates the organization. The board consists of president, vice president, secretar, two members and five substitute members. A treasurer can belong to the board but it is necessary. The board members’ term is for one year. The board convenes at least five times a year.

As a member of the board, one can participate in decision-making in board meetings, represent the organization in different occasions and be part of decision-making concerning Sámi youth and other issues that pertain to them. For instance, board members organizes sports and cultural events. You can also build networks and make life-time connections. The organization aims at facilitating access to decision-making for Sámi youth.

The president summons the board meetings and leads the organization.



Executive Board members, 2017


Petra Laiti, President

Ida-Maria Helander, Vice President

Enni Similä, Secretary

Milla Pulska

Xia Torikka


Other members


Marianne Ketola

Jyri Hetta

Laura Niittyvuopio

Anne Olli

Oula Järvensivu

Laura Kurri, treasurer

Anni-Sofia Niittyvuopio, advisor

Sunna Valkeapää, advisor

Ture Laiti, advisor

Rosa-Máren Magga, advisor